3 Productivity Tips for Busy People

3 Productivity Tips for Busy People

If you're anything like me, if it's not on my list chances are I'll forget it! Over the years I have learnt a few tips and tricks to help me manage my time and actually tick tasks off my never ending to do list. 

TIP 1 - Time block your day 

Time blocking is one of my favourite time management habits. This method allows me to stay focused for longer and brings my mental resources to just one task rather than spreading my attention thin across several tasks. There's  nothing worse than feeling scrambled, so remember - where focus goes energy flows!

TIP 2 -  Plan your day ahead the night before

Planning my day the night before is one of my favourite strategies I use to set myself up for a productive day. How you start your day often sets the tone for the rest of the day, keeps you accountable and builds momentum to stay productive for the rest of the day.

TIP 3 -  Break down big tasks 

You have probably heard the saying “Focus on the step in front of you, not the whole staircase”. Breaking big tasks down into little ones is perfect way to minimise distractions and get into a flow state. This will help you channel all of your energy to a single task so you can tap into your full creative potential

It’s time to thrive! 

♡ Katie

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