Building Her Brand

Since 2017, I have connected over 25,000 like-minded women at my live events across Australia and online. Without fail, every event I was asked where I learnt my skills to build a successful brand and the steps I took. 


Building Her Brand is my 4-week online program created for driven women who are eager to launch a new business or grow their existing start-up business.


The program is fresh, innovative and includes everything from mindset, spiritual growth, business hacks and “how-to” methods in launching and growing a successful was brand. After launching 5 successful start-ups of my own, and selling my first 7-figure company at 24 years old, I have put together a program to show you the steps I’ve created for myself over the years.


This program takes the guess work out of starting a business and shows you the key steps to levelling up.


With unlimited support and a strong community to keep you accountable, if you want to get the most out of life and business, this program is the next step for you. Let's thrive together!

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My Mission

My mission is to help entrepreneurs like you, build the brand and business of your dreams! Throughout this course, I will show you the steps I have taken, which has got me to where I am today. From finding your true purpose, playing on your strengths, to building out the right content strategy. You’ll learn how to adapt and overcome any adversities you may be experiencing in life, and how to map out the life you truly desire to set this world on fire!

“I help ambitious women turn their dreams into goals and their goals into a reality”

Building Her Brand was created to fuel your motivation to transform and grow your business. I help ambitious women turn their dreams into goals and their goals into a reality, so let’s work hard and rise together!



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